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Biryani Zone, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru
Welcome to the best Food-Next-Door in your locality.
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Biryani Zone, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru
A cozy ambience that serves you the most
heart-warming dishes for your cravings. 
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Biryani Zone, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru
The Ghar-Ka-Khana alternative, with fresh food and
best cooking practices. 
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Quality – Service – Consistency  

Our Mantra: Formula (faw-myoo-laa)

Biriyani Zone's foundations are rooted in Quality, Customer service and Consistency. 

The team equation feels like “Brotherhood in Business” than colleagues as the restaurant maintains equality rather than hierarchy 


Bengaluru's Most Loved Biryani Place

Best  Seller Food   

Tangdi Kebab

If you love the cream and subtle flavours of spices, grilled then Tangdi Kebabs are for you.
"Tangdi" simply means chicken legs without thighs. It tastes absolutely irresistable with soft, moist & aromatic spicy flavor.

Our Service Recipe

Take order 

Our captain takes order once our customers settle down on their choice of table.  


Reading the mood and understanding our customers purpose of visit our captains suggest and take orders. 


Considering our customers’ concern our captain also confirms the customer’s expectation from the ordered dishes w.r.t to the spice, or other preferences 


Dishes are prepared as per the customers’ expectations and directions and then served royally as per BZ custom in the best hygienic space and plates. 

Ensure satisfaction 

Keeping in mind the hygiene, preferences, & hospitality, our staff takes care of our customers from start to end ensuring they have a lovely food experience at Biriyani Zone with friends, family and colleagues. 



We listen to your feedback 

Our customers show us their love through appreciation and great feedbacks. However, we are keen to the ones who expect more from us, and we work to stand up to their expectations.  Some of your customers expected less spice in their feed, we discussed it with our team and introduced the practice of checking our customer’s spice levels while we take their orders and customize the food as per their directions. 

Directions and best time to visit 

11:30 AM - 03:30 PM


06:30 PM - 11:00 PM

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Contact :
+91 9606905276
+91 9606905277

Service areas

CQAL Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru

Kodigehalli, Bengaluru

Sanjeevini Nagar, Bengaluru

Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru

Indra Nagar, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru

Bhoopasandra, R.M.V. 2nd Stage, Bengaluru