Here is the best of both Bangalore worlds!

An open space, greenery around, cool breeze, calming view and a tummy full.

Isn’t it an ideal day?

Wouldn’t it be a great day spending your time in these spots, a good break from the ordinary day?

That is how it is like around the HSR Layout.

In and around the HSR layout are spots which can better your mood and make your day.

Be it the Agara lake with its shrouded green walkways leading to a rosy sunset view by the lake, or the Sarjapur Play Arena with its hot-wheels tracks gleaming with liveliness.

Namma Bangalore condensed down with its every essence in a single location is HSR Layout for you.

Convinced to call up your friends for a day out?

Make it quick cause your day-out plan is ready already:

The Agara Lake for your view!

Agara Lake, Bangalore

Start it with the calm area of the Agara lake Considered one of the most well-kept lakes in the city, Agara Lake is a natural lake. With a well-constructed trail built around the lake, this makes up for the accurate spot to take a stroll, run or just walk with your dog in awe of the nature. The path is three to four kilometres long and serves as an excellent site for morning exercise. In addition, a variety of birds visiting the lake, make it a popular place for bird viewing.

And if you plan to visit it later in the day then make sure to stop by before sunset for a pleasant end to your trip day.

The Play Arena, Sarjapur

Play Arena, Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Do you like sports? Something that tickles your enthusiasm, then you must visit Sarjapur’s Play Arena.

Play Arena is a great place for the sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. It has multiple gaming options from football, air hockey, virtual worlds, billiard, shooting and balling. They also have adventure sports – such as wall climbing, trampoline park, go-karting, ATV, paintball, archery and shooting, and a set of virtual rooms & games. Laser tag is one of the best activities which you will love, therefore, must try!

Finally, what’s the point of stopping without some Shopping.

Your next stop should be Nexus Mall

Nexus Mall, Bengaluru

A wonderful place to roam, explore, and shop, and one of the best luxurious malls in Bangalore. With shopping centres for everything from clothing to makeup to utilities, Nexus mall has arcades and theatres where you can chill out with your long-time-no-see buddies. Or if in coincidence, you can also witness celebratory events on special occasions.

After a long Bangalore day, you must wonder food for fuel. You are not far from food anytime around the HSR layout.

HSR Layout, Biriyani Zone
Dum Biryani

After your explorer day, feast on a relaxing meal at Biriyani Zone restaurant, HSR layout with the best Bangalore-an all-time favourite Dum Biryani. Starting from multiple cuisine starters to multiple flavoured ice-creams, close your day on a flavourful note. Do let us know which of the above places amazed you the most.

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