Biriyani zone, one of the famous destination in the City for Biryani-Holics. Not just known for the amazing taste but also for authentic style of cooking, we have served over 2 million biriyanis through our branches over a period of 5 years since inception in the year 2010. Our chefs are well-versed with Biriyani and are capable of towing 100 Kgs biriyani in an hour. An average day at Biriyani zone starts with handpicking pure ghee from dairy houses, which is used to cook the dishes. You would be amazed to know that not even a single drop of oil touches the biriyani throughout its strenuous process of cooking. The finest and most tender chicken is chosen to give an amazing experience in every bit of it. The chicken is shredded into medium sized bits best suited for the DUM style. The cooking goes in huge handis with atleast 50 Kgs of biriyani being cooked specially on firewood and charcoal, to slow cook the entire preparation. This slow cooking lets the meat capture all the essence and spices in it, giving bliss in every bite of the biriyani. Know More